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OYGM IT is excited to offer ProCare!  For about the same amount as 10-20 minutes of IT Support time per month, we can secure your Mac and prevent issues from ever occurring.  On average customers will spend ~$200-$500 per year AFTER a problem such as hard drive failure, backup issues, malware infections have occurred; the stress and down time are more difficult to assign a dollar amount.  At OYGM IT we thought we could do better by preventing most of these issues before they even occur.  Introducing ProCare!

ProCare from OYGM IT is a subscription service that helps secure, maintain and alert you to any issues that may soon occur on your Mac by 24/7 monitoring for things like impending Hard Drive failures, low disk storage, cloud and Time Machine backup status and many other lesser known issues that can arise during the normal course of a computer's use.  We also have plans that will take care of those constant and annoying updates (e.g. Java, Flash, DropBox) automatically as well as do routine maintenance that, when ignored, cause those urgent phone calls to our office about slow computers, colorful wheels and lots of stress.  If you do need support, ProCare support gives you quick and easy access to our expertise through the ProCare menu on your Mac.


Take a look at our ProCare plan service and click "Get Started" to sign up today!  You'll finally be able to stop worrying about keeping your computer working and get back to working (and playing) ON your computer.    

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